Living in 2020 is tough. Many of us are dealing with around the clock meetings, calls, and online events — not to mention the countless course ads urging you to upskill in your spare time. Digital life can be exhausting, right? That’s why we’re inviting you to join “Pyjama Talks.”

🧦 We have already conducted two Pyjama Talks with people worth listening to — Max Salnikov from Microsoft and Vitaly Friedman from Smashing Magazine. Missed them? No problem! We’ve got the recordings!

Just send a message to and we will invite you to be a speaker!

Click here to learn more and not to miss our future talks!

How do you survive a fight with technical debt? What should you do if you have a severe legacy? In this article, I’ll share three cases with advice on how to organize working processes with technical debt and which engineering approaches to use.

My name is Denis, and I’m the backend team lead at Wrike. I’m responsible for delivery in my team and for developers growth in several teams. I gained almost all of my working experience in financial technology. I also worked for two large banks before working with Wrike. At banks…


since 2006

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